Basildon Philatelic Society
The forum for Stamp Collectors and Philatelists in the Basildon area

come in and take a look around...
Basildon PS collective activities remain suspended until further notice. George Hurd Centre has consulted on the Council’s “non-negotiable” conditions for a possible resumption of use, but these would not be feasible for our meetings, so we are still waiting. It now appears that we will be unable to resume before September at the earliest.

On a brighter note, the Exchange Packet is now back in operation, so now is your opportunity to put those spares in packet books for circulation!

The Autumn auction will go ahead as a postal auction in the first instance. If the room reopens, we may decide to allow room bidding. Our Auction Secretary welcomes the submission of lots for our future sales.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, which is outside our control.
Best wishes,  
Len Stanway,